Asya Fresh

About us

Asya Fresh Company was created in 2016 and is rapidly growing to become one of the industry's premier businesses. We have accomplished this via experience with the Samsun port administration and a trained workforce, which has enabled us to grow our logistic fleet and export volume of fruits and vegetables each year.

We provide high-quality fruits and vegetables that are sustainably sourced. The trained crew ensures that orders are fulfilled on time, using only organic and healthful fruits such as pomegranate and cherry. As a result, Asya Fresh has become the region's fastest emerging exporter of fresh fruits and vegetables.

The firm specializes in pomegranate production and exports, as well as other fruits and veggies such as cherry, nectarin, peach, apricot, and other pepper varieties. Their primary export is for pomegranate, followed by cherry. All fruits and vegetables are sourced locally in Turkey.

Asya Fresh owns three warehouses, Finike town in Antalya city, Alasehir town in Manisa city, and Tarsus town in Mersin city. Asya Fresh utilizes a Unitec Vision 2 Cherry sorting system in the warehouse of Alasehir. This equipment is capable of sorting up to six tons of cherries each hour.

Asya Fresh is a leading player in the Russian market. Additionally, Asya Fresh has recently extended its sales office in Moscow's Food City Center. If you’re looking for a true supplier for long term partnership, you’re in the right place.